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Notes from the IB Office: Mock exams, due dates, and a new CAS website

By Paul Lennon, IB Diploma Program Coordinator/CAS Coordinator

It is hard to believe we are already nearing the High School February Week Without Walls and, for Grade 12 students, the IB Diploma mock examinations!

We would like to remind you as Parents that one of the most important things students need to be aware of is the idea of the IBO protocol for examinations, which is different and particular to that organization. In addition the importance of planning to be ready outside the exam room at least 15 minutes before every paper will be essential practice for the final exams in May. We are pleased to confirm that the Mock exams in February and final Diploma examinations in May will take place in the Administration Conference room.

Please refer to the timetables for the mock exams and for of the final IB Diploma exam dates for ISD students in May here and here. Please encourage your children to print off copies and put them in conspicuous places in the house for easy reference and planning.

Most of the IB Diploma internal assessments are nearing completion and TOK as well as Extended Essay are in the process of being sent electronically to the IBO with teachers notes. To dispel some rumors that have been circulating, the internal due dates for students are non-negotiable and failure to adhere to them can result in students failing to meet the requirements of an IB Diploma.

CAS is another area that students need to be mindful about. We have been concerned about the lack of reflection and recording of information as required by IBO. As we know students are involved in numerous valuable service learning projects and it is essential that they keep records up to date and current, again in order to satisfy the external requirements of IBO.

Students are expected to contact Mr. Lennon ASAP to arrange for their third and final formal CAS interview which is a requirement of the IBO. The questions they are expected to respond to have been communicated to them on managebac messages.

Grade 11 are in the process of going through the first of their three formal CAS interviews. As with Grade 12, students need to contact Mr. Lennon ASAP and refer to the five questions which have been provide for them on managebac messages. We are excited to announce in the context of CAS that our new, improved CAS website in now live! The link is: This is a student-led initiative in collaboration with our wonderful communications team. It is a CAS experience in itself and the students involved have worked very hard to get it launched. Thank you to Zachary Davis and Louis Bernard in particular!

We welcome input and communication from parents, many of whom, we know, work in the NGO sector, as we continue to grow the focus of service as a central part of what ISD is all about. Over time we hope to have numerous ongoing, valuable, and valid work going on that involves ISD students in ongoing projects which sit well with our mission, are student led, ongoing, developmental, and sustainable over time. If you have a potential project or interesting initiative that could involve the input of our students please contact us! We will publicize the idea live on the new site.

Grade 10 have also been busy receiving information about next steps in the ISD educational journey, of which the IB Diploma Program is a key piece of the jigsaw. They have now all completed the option form for IB Diploma course next year and we are in the process of constructing the schedule for next year.

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