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New Chromebooks at ISD

August 31, 2017-- At 11:35am today our new 204 chromebooks arrived on campus. ITSO is now unpacking, adding local power plugs, etching, and installing software. What a great Tabaski surprise. Our aim is to distribute middle school devices next Wednesday - Friday. We will then collect white chromebooks from the new HS students and reissue them a new one, using the old white ones for spares. After this we will distribute chromebooks to our grade 4& 5 teachers, and a few days later to our grade4 & 5 students. These elementary chromebooks will not go home, they will stay in the classes for in class use.

These chromebooks are ruggedized, they have rubber edges, reinforced sides,  no slip surfaces. This does not mean they are unbreakable, we still expect careful and responsible use of the Asus C202S chromebooks. They are not touch screen. 

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