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Middle School Wellness Week

Middle School Wellness Week is approaching, there are many events happening throughout March 4th to 8th. Activities will be run by both students and teachers at lunch and after school. Each morning will start with a vigorous walk around the track lead by Ms. Lennon. Shady Shack have liaised with a group of Grade 8 students to create a Healthy Menu of the Week. On Wednesday there will be a Book Talk Breakfast with Ms. Creamer who will discuss the book "The Period Book', by Karen Gravelle. There will be croissants, tea and juice, we hope to see many MS students there. This month's Coffee and Learning will have a Wellness focus and some Grade 8 student's will come in to teach the parents about mindfulness and sugar. After school there will be a range of vendors on campus, on Monday the 4th there will be a vendors of sustainable goods, the garden project, coconut oil and organic cashew nuts. Khadija who sells sustainable goods will be on campus after school until Wednesday. 

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