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Middle School Success Program

August 18, 2017-- As a result of last year’s favorable results, the Middle School Success Program (MSSP) has quickly become part of the culture in the middle school. While initially designed for students who are missing a homework assignment, it has become a place for all middle schoolers to work quietly after school while often receiving extra support from teachers.

Since this program was implemented, there has been a significant increase in homework completion rates across the board. Moreover, students are exposed to better organization and study skills, allowing them to be better prepared for class and major assessments.

While some students choose voluntarily to attend, students who miss an assignment are required to attend MSSP on the same day they miss the assignment. Shortly after 3 PM, emails will be sent to the parents of those students required to stay for MSSP.

The 2017-18 MSSP will officially begin Tuesday, August 22nd, from 3:30-4:15, and will continue on a regular basis throughout the rest of the school year. There is no MSSP on Mondays due to teacher meetings. The the first trimester will be as such:

As we continue with MSSP this school year, the middle school expresses a sincere thank you to the parents for their continued support of this vital program.

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