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Middle School Cultural Share Day (and call for volunteers!)

ISD celebrates culture throughout the year, but we designate April as World Cultural Month!

On April 19, 2018, the middle school will host a Cultural Sharing event for the afternoon (12:00-3:20). Students will attend three 35 minute sessions around three themes: games, crafts, and tea or coffee ceremonies.

We are looking for volunteers from our community who would be willing to share their culture by teaching some MS students a game or craft or a tea/coffee ceremony from their culture. Each volunteer will offer 3 35 minute sessions to small groups of students (around 14 students per session). Volunteers will have the time to explain the cultural significance of the activity so students will better understand the values of each culture. There will be an ISD staff member in each session to assist the presenter.

Some examples of activities that were offered last year included horseshoes, mancala, Two-Up, paper flowers, Gaekkebrev, Origami, an Indian Tea ceremony, an Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, and a Senegalese Tea ceremony.

If you are willing to teach our students to play a game, design a craft, or participate in a tea or coffee ceremony that is a part of your heritage, please complete this MS Cultural Share volunteer form.

If you have any questions, please contact either Eileen Knobloch at or Michael Martrich at

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