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Middle School Celebrates World Culture Month

ISD celebrates culture throughout the year, but we designate April as World Culture Month.

On April 19, 2019, the middle school will host a cultural sharing event in the morning (8:30-12:00). Students will have the opportunity to share specific aspects of their cultures including games, crafts, and tea or coffee ceremonies with their peers and teachers.

Parents, our Middle School students will be leading the way with their ideas but you could help at home by helping your child come up with ideas, sharing important parts of your home culture(s), offering to help them learn how to play a game, or offering to come to school on the 19th to be their “assistant”.

Some examples of activities that were offered in the past included horseshoes, mancala, two-up, paper flowers, gaekkebrev, Mexican sugar skulls, origami, an Indian tea ceremony, an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and a Senegalese tea ceremony.

If you have any questions, please contact Jen Loría at

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