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Library News: Welcome Back From Vacation!

Welcome Back ISD Community,

I hope your vacation away from study and work included pleasure reading, exploration, relaxation with family and friends, and some self-care time. These are important.

I spent my vacation in Los Angeles with family and best friends. We made tamales, a Christmas tradition that brings family and friends together for a day of cooking and eating.

We also indulged in posole - yummy soup that hits the spot on cold winter days.

For a day of city adventure, we took the Metrolink into Los Angeles Union Station and then walked through Olvera Street and finally entered Chinatown through the gate protected by dragons. We scoured Chinatown for the best Chinese food we could find. And then indulged some more.

A Chinatown excursion is not complete without a selfie in front of the Bruce Lee statue.

We walked over to Pershing Square for an evening of ice skating and hot chocolate surrounded by Christmas lights and really odd disco music.

Other highlights included a day trip out to Santa Catalina Island and hiking the Catalina trail that hugs the cliffs of the island.

And when the temperature dipped and the clouds rolled in, we waited to see the end result. And mother nature did not disappoint. The San Bernadino Mountains were covered in snow down to the foothills. And while none of us had four wheel drive or even chains for our tires to go and enjoy the snow, we did find high points in the city where we could sit in quiet awe of the winter beauty.

This week, I wanted to reinvite everyone back to the library. Come and chat with us. Tell us about your travels, or your stay here in Senegal. Come check out new books, or renew the ones you didn’t get to finish reading. And if you didn’t read a single book over the vacation, don’t feel judged. I only got through two books! Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia and Across a Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande.

Please do drop in. We would love to catch up with you and hear of your adventures and your moments of joy.

Again, welcome back!

Stephanie Creamer

ISD Librarian

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