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Library News: Visiting Authors in November

ISD will have three visiting authors this coming November 2018.

E. B. Lewis is an illustrator of picture books. The ISD library has several of his books, and to date, the students are falling in love with his works. The ISD students responded well to Faraway Home, a story of a little girl who is worried that her father will travel to Ethiopia but not come back to home to America. The illustrations capture the different lives one family experiences both in Ethiopia and in America.

Ayesha Harruna Attah is the author of three books, and her most recent book is The

Hundred Wells of Salaga. She is a Ghanaian author who resides here in Dakar. Click here to listen to her promotion of her book. Very fortunately, ISD students will have the opportunity to meet her in their TOK classes and pick her literary brain. Come to the library to check out a copy of her book.

Boubacar Boris Diop is a Senegalese writer whose works have been translated into English from Wolof and French. We have several of his books in the library, both paperback versions as well as kindles you can check out.

November will be a rich month for literacy. Reach out to me in the library if you have questions about literary circles, or recommendations.

Gëstu Waay!

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