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Library News: Summer Reads!

Dear ISD Families:

Summer vacation is fast upon us, and some families may remain in Senegal for a few days before traveling abroad. This means time for pleasure reading! Please come to the library and check out books for your summer reads. If you would like good recommendations, come and speak with the librarians. We’ll point you in the right direction. Library check out begins Tuesday, June 5th, 2018.

Common sense rules apply when taking books out for the summer.

  • If you take your book on your overseas travels, establish a routine so as to not lose the books.

  • If you leave a book overseas, the fine for the book will be due in August 2018.

  • Book returns will be in August. There is no summer book drop box in which to store books after the library closes for the summer.

Additional Summer Check Out Guidelines:

  • PK - 5th grade students will need an adult or guardian to check out books for them. Parental or guardian accounts are allowed up to ten check outs.

  • Grade 6-12 students may come in and check out up to ten books.

Books in the ISD Library that you may want to check out for the summer.

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