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Library News: Pints & Poetry, Toni Morrison, and Oley Dibba-Wadda

Latinx Heritage Month quickly comes to an end, so with that sense of urgency in mind, I encourage you to celebrate with extra gusto. Yes, you can come to the library and check out poetry, nonfiction works, picture books, and novels written by and about the Latinx community, but you can also find fun ways to include Latinx culture into your homes. We also have cookbooks in the library, so bring in some cuisine to your celebration. No celebration is complete without good food!

If you are more musically inclined, I recommend the following link.

If you are as keen a follower of pop culture as I am, here is another link I recommend.


Poetry & Pints in the Gëstu Waay Library

Wednesday, October 30th

Yes, you read that correctly. The library will have an adults only night with Taylor Mali, our visiting poet. Taylor Mali will spend the last week of October with us, (28 Oct - 1 Nov), and specifically Wednesday night, October 30th, will be just for the grownups. So put that date in your calendar!

Yes, we want you to write a poem.

Yes, we want you to perform your poem.

Yes, we will sell you some liquid courage, compliments of the Dakar Brewers Society.

Taylor Mali will perform for us, and if you are interested in more bio info, here is his website.

Channel your inner Senghor, and come be a part of the poetry party.

Toni Morrison Book Talk

Date: Sunday, Nov 3rd, 2019

Time: 11:00am-1:00pm

Book: The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, & Meditations

Location: Le Phare des Mamelles (you can buy brunch)

Click to read an NPR review of Morrison’s last published collection of essays.

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