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Library News: Mural for Black History Month

One of the fun projects that students in the feminist group did this February was to complete a mural for Black History Month. What we all thought would be a five to six day project turned into three weeks. But feminists are persistent. The students came in and sat in a circle twisting sister locks and snacking on pizza. And as one does when sitting in a circle, we discussed everything under the sun. Twisting and rolling hair. Snacking. Twisting. Kvetching about Nikki Minaj and what she said about Rosa Parks. Twisting. Singing. More hair twisting. Laughing.

Slowly but surely, this collaborative project came together. As we worked on the mural, more ideas came to students, and the project expanded.

“Let’s put a survey out to the students for Black History Month.” And so the project grew. Students created two questions to give to ISD students:

What examples of Black excellence can you give?

Why is Black History Month necessary?

There were a variety of answers, and the students printed them up into little clouds that surrounded our Black woman of excellence.

I would like to invite you, the larger ISD community, to come into the library and see the mural, and hopefully be inspired by the students' labor as well as the thoughts and opinions of ISD students.

I can’t express enough how pleasant it was to work on this project with the students, and how much I gain as a learner simply by being in that hair twisting circle with wonderful human beings who care about Black History Month.

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