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Library News: Is the information you want behind a paywall?

ISD students have an array of databases from which to pull their research. ISD invests in many databases including JSTOR, EBSCO, The New York Times, NewsBank, Science in Context, SirsDiscoverer, PebbleGo, Teen Health and Wellness, and many others. Here is a useful link to get to all of the databases. Each database lists the username and password.

Today I want to draw the ISD community's attention to NewsBank. The wonderful detail about this database is that it covers current world events found in major newspapers from around the world. If you want to read about The South Africa Apartheid-Era Flag Case, open up the NewsBank database and go to Hot Topics. Read what South African journalists are writing in regards to this topic.

South Africa’s Equality Court has limited the gratuitous display of the apartheid-era flag as akin to hate speech. It did not rule out other uses for the flag or images of it and stated that people convicted of displaying it will be subjected to community service, not jail time. When was the apartheid-era flag adopted by South Africa, and when was it replaced by the current flag? Who brought the suit, and was it directed at an individual or an organization? Why is the old flag offensive to the majority of the citizens of South Africa? SEARCH TERMS: “South Africa” AND “apartheid-era flag”


A new subscription for the ISD community this year is The New York Times. I have to admit that the free ten article limit per month drove me nuts, so to get this subscription feels like a huge win. Students, teachers, and parents can access the articles. Here are the instructions for you to create your free account with your school email address.

To activate your Pass, please follow these steps:

While physically on campus and connected to the ISD network, go to  Note: You cannot activate your Pass while off campus or via a proxy server.

Create a free account using a valid email address of your choice. If you already have an account, you may log in with those credentials.

You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen

Now you can enjoy seamless, full access to, and NYT mobile apps from any location, on or off campus, just by logging into your account. You may download NYTimes mobile apps at

HINT: Remain logged in to your account to have seamless access to and our mobile apps for the duration of your Pass.

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