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Library News: Honoring Gandhi

January 30th is a day of mourning as well as recognition. On this 30th day of January in 1948, Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. The ISD Library has a display of several works about Gandhi. The ISD Librarians welcome you, and we can point you to the display or in the direction of other works that touch on the life and times of Gandhi. If you are more interested in adult level reads, feel free to access the ISD databases from the ISD school page:

Newsbank is a database with at least 26 articles that currently focus on Gandhi. Some articles date back to 2011. Within the Questia database, there are over 178 books, journals, newspaper articles and magazine articles written about Gandhi. Let’s honor and celebrate people of peace. Come to the library and select reading material that inspires!

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