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Library News: Hear the Bern? Or The Atlantics?

Dear ISD Community:

I hope your Turkey Vacation was filled with yummy stuffing, homemade pies, and the love of family and friends. Welcome back for the next two weeks before the Christmas and New Year’s breaks. The library will have plenty of books for you to check out and take home for your pleasure reading. And Jackie, Marciale, and I all have our go-to recommendations, but if you are traveling and don’t want to lug around books, here are some other options for the edification of your soul.

Vacation Listening:

Hear the Bern: A YouTube series that talks about all things Bernie Sanders - his policy, his personal history, his political history, his platform, and everything in between. Thank you, Mr. Rotando, for bringing this YouTube series to my attention.

In The Thick: Journalists of color tell you what you’re missing from the mainstream news. Co-hosted by award-winning journalists Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela, IN THE THICK has conversations about race, identity, and politics few people are discussing or want to discuss.

Mother Jones Podcasts:

My favorite contributor is Jamilah King, but there are so many great topics covered on this podcast. Give it a listen.

Online Literature:

Literary Hub: One of our prior visiting authors, Anna Badkhen, wrote very eloquently about Geronimo, his descendants, and the impact on one’s life as a result of forgiveness. Click here to read Anna’s article. LitHub also has wonderful poetry and short stories.

My Favorite Online Magazines:

Vox Magazine politics and policy, culture, world news, science and health, energy and environment, and film reviews.


The Atlantics: A soon-to-be-inaugurated futuristic tower looms over a suburb of Dakar. Ada, 17, is in love with Souleimane, a young construction worker. But she has been promised to another man. One night, Souleimane and his co-workers disappear at sea. Soon after, they come back to haunt their old neighborhood by taking possession of the girlfriends they left behind. Some of the workers have come claiming revenge and threaten to burn the tower down if the developer does not pay their wages. (IMDB)

Here is an interview with the director.

Whatever you end up doing for the upcoming Christmas break, I hope it is filled with love and yummy food.


Stephanie Creamer

ISD Librarian

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