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Library News: Fun Reading Lists

Dear ISD Community,

I hope that you are safe and healthy in whichever nook of the world you find yourself. Since I’ve been holed up in my apartment in Mermoz, I’ve plowed through quite a bit of reading material to keep myself entertained.

If you have not found any good books online, here are some reading lists that can hopefully pique your interest.

A Mighty Girl:

We Need Diverse Books:

I personally check out books from my online lending library in Arizona and in Los Angeles County. If you already have an online account with a public library, you’re on easy street. Given the pandemic, libraries around the United States that are accepting applications for out of state residents continue to warn applicants that no one is available to accept the application at this time.

Don’t lose hope!

This, of course, leaves the option of purchasing your books through Amazon or ThriftBooks. If you have found a way to get online materials, please pass the information on. The Jag Journal is more than happy to be a conduit of sharing out information for the whole group of ISD students and parents.

Be safe, and know that we are looking forward to connecting with you and your children again.


Stephanie Creamer

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