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Library News: A New Look for the New Year

In December we packed up the Library to get ready for "some building work." It was preceded by months of planning, budget mathematics magic, tweaking and finalizing. And then, realizing: over the holidays Aboubacar Ndoye and his team have transformed the old into a completely different place!

Students and staff will enjoy the new lighting in the lowered ceilings, so their reading experience will be pleasant. The light floor tiles reflect the light, increasing the feeling of airiness. Big windows allow the sunshine to stream in. Seating areas provide a comfortable place to read and study. A dedicated space for the Preschoolers and Kindergarten with new reading 'boxes' for easy browsing by our younger students makes sure they have better access. Our Library staff now have a separate corner of the Library with a new desk, a dedicated book dropbox and more work shelves.

A big Thank You! goes out to Aboubacar and his team and also to our Parent Volunteers, aka the ISD Library Angels, for helping to pack up 18,000 books to prepare the Library for the works. Their support and dedication is heart warming.

The next stage for the Library will be part of the master plan for the future of our school, where we are thinking big and making sure that the Library/ies will have a prominent place on our campus.

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