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Jaguar Sports: Hosting WAISAL Soccer Players

WAISAL Soccer is upon ISD. This year’s tournament will be the largest in the history of WAISAL. We will be hosting 8 boys teams and 6 girls teams April 3rd-April 7th. What a fantastic opportunity.

To sign up to host students, click this link.

In order for this tournament to be successful, we are asking for our community to help out with hosting the visiting players.

Our 48 soccer players will be responsible to host 96 of our guests. This will leave about 60 incoming guests who we need homestays for the week.

Responsibilities for the homestays:

  • Pick up the guests from ISD on Wednesday, April 3rd. The times will vary when they will arrive depending on their flights.

  • Feed them dinner the night of April 3rd.

  • Feed them breakfast on Thursday, April 4th.

  • Have them at ISD on Thursday, April 4th by 8:00am (Senegalese Independence Day- There is no school on this day, but we will be playing the tournament.)

  • Pack snacks for them during the day for April 4th.

  • Pick them up from ISD in the evening on April 4th

  • Feed them dinner on April 4th

  • Breakfast on April 5th.

  • Bring them to school at normal time. (We have school on April 5th)

  • Pack snacks for them on April 5th

  • Pick them up at Ebbett’s Field on April 5th around 8:00pm

  • Breakfast the morning of April 6th

  • Bring to Ebbett’s Field by 8:30am

  • Snacks for the day

  • Pick up at Ebbett’s Field around 8:00pm.

There will be a social event sometime during the tournament. It will be announced where and when at a later date.

Home Stay and Hospitality for Visiting Students

Host schools should provide adequate, safe host family lodging for the entire WAISAL event.

Every attempt should be made to home-stay visiting students in pairs or larger groups.- However, in some cases it may be impossible to home-stay all visiting students in pairs and groups and it is the hosting Event Director’s responsibility to communicate this case to the visiting school’s AD/AC as early as possible.

Special needs or requests from the visiting students must be noted by the guest school at the time of roster requirements.

A host school's home-stay responsibility for visiting students ends the morning after the final night of the event for both Middle and High School events. If travel plans require the stay to exceed the normal window, then the host school will arrange alternative accommodations at the visiting team’s expense.

Visiting teams are reminded to alert host school Event Director of student needs (allergies, dietary concerns, etc.) no less than 4 weeks prior to event.

Host families and/or host school shall provide breakfast and dinner for all participants.

If a visiting coach/advisor has a student who has a problem or concern arise from a host family situation, please report this to the Event Director immediately.

Rules for Host Families

These rules are intended for the use of parents hosting for WAISAL sponsored events.

For the duration of the event you are responsible for the visiting students’ well-being. Please observe all WAISAL rules below.

Attached for your information are the regulations for student behavior. The student(s) you are hosting have already agreed to observe these regulations.

Please report immediately any violation of these regulations by the student(s) you host to the responsible official designated by your school. (AD/AC/Event Director)

Neither host families nor students may negotiate changes to the WAISAL regulations for students with respect to curfew, housing arrangements, the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other rules set forth by the host school.

Please make contact with the student(s) you are hosting at the time designated by the host school.

Minimum requirements for host families will include the following:

  • Whenever students are home, one parent must be present.

  • Means of safe, reliable transportation of student-athletes to and from the home and event site.

  • Generally reliable electricity.

  • Bathroom with running hot and cold water and filtered drinking water.

  • Provide breakfast and dinner for the visiting student-athlete.

  • Ensure that student-athletes are in home by the appropriate curfew according to WAISAL rules (no exceptions!)

  • HS Students: Curfew on all nights 10:00pm, exception of night of the social event it is moved to 11:00pm

  • MS Students: Curfew on all nights is 9:00pm, exception of night of social event when it is moved to 9:30pm

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