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Jaguar Sports: Cross Country Tour du Lac Rose

(Photos by Mads Oyen)

ISD cross-country has had a wonderful inaugural year so far. The students, ranging from middle to high school, have shown a great deal of dedication; waking up early to make it to school for 7:00am practices. Cross-country has not only inspired students to get active in the mornings as several faculty members, and even a few parents, have also joined in for the running fun, helping to create a growing ISD running community.

At the beginning of the season, the team set a goal to run in the Tour du Lac Rose, which is a 13km race that follows the road around the pink lake. In order to train for the race, these hard-working runners not only met during the regularly scheduled practice times but on Sundays as well, in order to develop their distance running abilities. Their persistence paid off when several students completed the Tour du Lac Rose on December 8th. Jaguars 10th grader, Joshua Bruns, won the 2nd place trophy for the Junior division. 

Cross-country will resume this week, with several more races planned for the new year. New runners are encouraged and welcome to join!

See the full album by ISD Parent, Mads Oyen.

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