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Jaguar Sports: Athletics Banquet


The ISD Athletics Banquet will be held on Friday, March 17, 2019. This will include all participants in middle and high school sports. Because of Ramadan, the schedule will be as follows: Middle School Athletics, Meal, High School Athletics. High School participants do not need to attend until the meal time at 7:30pm. At the end of the meal, middle school participants are more than welcome to leave.

Dinner and Social (Potluck Style)- Parents, Participants, and Coaches - Middle School- Grades 6th-8th Salads - High School- Grades 9th-10th Main Dish - High School- Grades 11th-12th Dessert - High School Staff- Drinks and Utensils

Opening Remarks- Eric Rodine

I. 5:20-Recognition of Middle School Sports - Girls Soccer- Coach Papis and Yu - Boys Soccer- Coach Kofi, El Hadj, Yaya - Swimming- Coach Michelsen, Rodine, Dwyer and Radcliff - Boys Volleyball- Coach Bowler, El Hadj, Gerard - Girls Volleyball- Coach Forgeron, Michelsen, El Hadj, Gerard - Girls Basketball- Coach Forgeron, Michelsen, Jackie, Bailey - Boys Basketball- Coach Steph - Dance- Coach Aisha - Cross-Country- Coach Mary, Kofi, Isabella - Middle School Athletes of the Year- Eric

II. 7:30- Break Fast - At this time, we will break for fast and have the meal portion of the night. At the end of the meal, middle school parents and students may go home.

III. 8:30 - Comments by Mr. Rodine - Recognition of Coaches

IV. 8:45 - High School Dance Team

V. 9:00 - Recognition of High School Sports - Girls High School Volleyball- Coach Forgeron, El Hadj, Gerard - Boys High School Volleyball- Coach Bowler, Rochette, El Hadj, Gerard - Swimming- Coach Michelsen, Rodine, Dwyer, Radcliff - Boys High School Basketball- Coach Johnso - Girls High School Basketball- Coach Steph - Girls Soccer- Coach Lennon, Bird, Traore, Davis - Boys Soccer- Coach Lennon, El Hadj, Davide, Gilchrist, Yaya, Abdoulaye

10:00 - High School Athletes of the Year

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