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ISD Students Host a Fundraising Fashion Show

ISD grade 11 students, Kemi and Diahara, will be hosting a Fashion Fundraising Show to raise funds for the Empire des Enfrants Foundation.

See their message below:

Welcome to the 2019 Empire des Enfants Foundation Fund raising event, being sponsored by Influence Fashion Designs.

With your full support, this event should be a success!

We are eleventh graders in the International School of Dakar. A few years ago, a fashion show occurred at ISD and the proceeds were dedicated to the Empire des Enfants Foundation. 

Once again, under the sponsorship of Influence Fashion Designs Senegal, we are having another fashion show called 'Nioko Bok' as part of our CAS project to raise funds for Charity on the 7th of June 2019. 

For this coming event, we would appreciate it if you could assist with contributions of drinks and food (snacks) for our estimated 200 guest. 

The  director of this foundation, Mme Mbow will be a special guest with a couple of  kids from l'Empire des Enfants. 

Please come back to us if you could help with drinks or food. 

Thank you on the behalf of, 

Kemi and Diahara. 

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