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ISD Garden Project News

Over the past couple of months, we have been working the garden, building raised beds, building soil, and planting veggies!

A special thanks to Eric Huberdeau from the PTO who helped us get started moving dirt and filling the raised beds with our compost from last year!

Along with new cement-raised beds, we have been building stone-raised beds as well; they are turning out beautiful and really helping to contain the soil.

Staff and elementary students have been engaged in planting beans, kales, mustard greens, arugula, chard, and tomatoes. Second-grade students have been using the garden to reflect on ways to “Share our Planet” with one another and are contributing to bringing their food scraps from home and school classrooms to build more soil to grow more food to share with others.

Pre-K 4 have been participating each week exploring, watering, planting, and collecting beautiful natural artifacts for observation of color and pattern and art projects.

While you're away on your vacations, if it happens that you come across non-GMO, organic, heirloom, or seeds collected from family gardens, please bring some back with you to plant!

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