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ISD Embraces Kindness Week

Every year in January, ISD joins thousands of schools in over 90 countries to focus on kindness for one full week. The goal of the week is to foster a culture of kindness within our learning community. All three divisions implement Kindness Week in developmentally appropriate ways from January 22nd - January 26th.

The high school will kick off the week with a video in community meeting. Kindness quotes and short videos will be shared in the first class each morning to help set a compassionate tone for the day.

The middle school students will begin each day with a kindness quote read each morning at the start of their first period. During advisory, the students will watch a short video clip demonstrating the effects of kindness not only on the giver and receiver but also on all the bystanders who notice the act of kindness. Students will also have the opportunity to write complimentary notes and notes of gratitude to each other and place them in the kindness box. Those notes will be hand delivered to the recipients in the last period of the day on Friday.

In the elementary school, the students will be focusing on kindness in their SEL lessons with the counselor. The will also be constructing a “kindness chain” that links together PreK4 students through 5th grade students. The chain will be built upon in each lesson and will lead to one long chain that will be displayed in the ES wing.

The counseling team invites parents to continue this focus on kindness at home. Read two short articles for small changes you can make to your daily interactions with your children that can make a big difference in their development of compassion and kindness.

Raising Kind Children

Survival of the Kindest

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