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Inside the ISD Classroom with Grade 2Y

The IB PYP is a framework for learning, and our 2nd grade class has been doing a great job of connecting learning and exploration to their central theme this week.

Ms. Monica Yu, our 2nd grade teacher, writes, "The 2nd Grade has been working on the transdisciplinary theme Who We Are with the central idea 'Thoughtful choices about our daily routines enables a balanced lifestyle.'

"We have been thinking about making thoughtful choices in our everyday lives. This week, students reflected on making thoughtful choices about what to do with their daily food waste from snack and lunch. We have been putting our waste in a small compost bin and we brought it to the ISD garden to help create new soil. Some of the students came up with the idea of even saving their food waste from their dinner at home in a glass jar and bringing it to the school garden compost the following day."

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