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Inside the IB Classroom: The Group 4 Project

The IB Diploma Group 4 project for science took place for our Grade 12 students last Thursday and Friday. The project is a focused 10-hour experiential requirement as part of the Diploma.

This year thanks to the creative, imaginative work of the Science Department, students were focused on both teaching and learning as they developed the projects from the idea which had the final goal of presenting and delivering a practical science lesson to Grade 5 PYP students.

The grade 12 students were the teachers and had mini-lessons ready for the eager 5th grade class. There were experiments, question and answer sessions, and even a quiz to see how effective our grade 12 teachers were and how much the fifth graders learned.

Having students take on the role of teacher is an effective learning tool. The grade 12 students practiced their public speaking, presentation, and preparation skills. As our faculty will tell you, being a teacher can be hard work!

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