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IB Visual Arts and Theater Showcase

You are invited to the ISD IB Visual Art Show!

Six students – Manar, Noa, Yago, Miranda, Juliana, and Jack— over the last two years have produced almost two hundred pieces of art that have been whittled down to 62 pieces to be featured in our Grade 12 art exhibition this next week at the Renaissance monument’s international gallery. The finished pieces show the diversity of our students and include photographs, prints, oil/ acrylic/ digital paintings, videos, drawing, sculpture, and assemblage. In almost every country, the IB final Art exhibition is a highly anticipated event to celebrate the student’s hours of effort that they have put in over the last two years. This is a capstone project that not only represents 40 percent of their final grade but also is a chance to show the community what our students have been thinking about and how they see our future. IB Visual Art is not about the making of objects- this class is obsessed with ideas and culture. We hope that you enjoy it.

The schedule is as follows:

6pm : The ISD Stage Band, newly formed at the beginning of the school year, is comprised of students who have an interest in learning and performing a broad variety of musical genres. From Swing and Pop to Motown and Broadway, we love trying new musical challenges. The ISD Stage Band is honored to celebrate and support the achievements of the IB Art class, whose works are on display tonight and the DP Theater class as they present their final solo performances.

6:30 Soukeyna’s  performance

7:00  Cosette’s  performance

7:30 Cheikh’s performance

8:00  Providence’s performance

8:30 Close

IB Visual Art, IB Theatre, and ISD Band are very grateful for Dr. Knobloch, Mr. Bird, and Mr. Lennon's unwavering support for this show at the Renaissance monument. ISD is a school to be proud of and showing off our talents outside of our walls is a great way to to be more involved in the community. We are also thankful to the PTO who has given us a generous grant for food and refreshments for opening night.

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