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Halloween at ISD

Last Saturday was the first ever iDEA Halloween event held at ISD. There was plenty of trick-or-treating, games, food, and fun and spooky costumes all around. 

Stella, ISD 12th grade students wrote "From cutting out pumpkins to looking up the history of Halloween all the way to guessing costumes of children walking by, we, a group of 11th and 12th graders, volunteered to decorate a classroom door and hand out candies to children trick or treating.

"By giving the children a trick - a game involving cups and guessing - and a treat - a candy of their choice - we were able to include all the components of a successful Halloween celebration. When offering the children to choose a candy you could see the wheels churning in their heads, considering if choosing the skittles would lead to a greater indulgence than the Kit-Kat, or maybe the lollipop. By being able to interact with students from lower grades I could get to know a part of ISD that I am usually not able to see as much.

"This showed me how important it is for younger and older students to interact since we can learn from each other. They see us as role models and we see them as an inspiration to be a part of making this community even better for them. Their excitement and joy all through the afternoon will be remembered for a long time and I am happy I was able to be part of this spooky yet joyful event."

On Halloween day, the Middle School hosted a costume contest, with categories in scariest, funniest, best group costume, most realistic and best teacher costume. Congratulations to all the winner and a Happy Halloween to all!

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