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Halloween at ISD!

For the first time, the U.S. Embassy iDEA and CLO are hosting a Halloween celebration at ISD with our PTO. Please read ALL of the info below for date, time, ticket, and entry info as well as volunteer opportunities for adults and students. The U.S. Embassy is providing security for the event, just like they do at Ebbets Field. Please read ALL of the info for a happy and safe Halloween celebration!


TRICK-OR-TREATING IS ONLY FOR STUDENTS AGE 2 TO GRADE 8 * Students grades 9-12 may buy food, play games and VOLUNTEER! Visit both links below!

Volunteer to Decorate, Run Games, or Clean Up

Volunteer to Decorate/Sponsor Trick-or-Treat Doors

* Children will receive a list of classroom doors to visit for trick-or-treating upon entry * Trick-or-treaters can visit each classroom ONCE (save your class lists, it will be marked) * Please bring a bag to collect your treats! * Trick-or-treating begins at 5:00 pm (doors open at 4:30 pm) * There will be games to play in the elementary school lunch area * Food and drinks will be available for purchase; no outside food or drinks allowed


Tickets will be sold Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, October 22-24 from 3:15 p.m. to 4:30om and on Thursday, October 25 from noon to 4pm outside the 4th/5th grade building. Exact change is appreciated!

* Age 2 to grade 8: 3,000 CFA/each (under age 2 is free) * Grades 9-12 and adults: 1,000 CFA/each * Tickets must be purchased in advance; they cannot be purchased at the door * A TICKET AND VALID ISD or U.S. EMBASSY BADGE is required to enter * Halloween is only open to ISD students and their siblings, and children of U.S. Embassy badge holders * Parents are expected to attend and stay with their children at all times; this is not a drop-off event * All bags are subject to search * Do not bring weapons (real or fake) as part of your costume! They will be confiscated! * No pets allowed * No refunds or exchanges * Questions? Contact the U.S. Embassy employee association at

Please read ALL of the info about sponsoring/decorating a door in the link before signing up

* The ISD community is responsible for sponsoring/decorating 10 doors (10+ doors for the U.S. Embassy) * Families, departments, etc. can join together to sponsor/decorate doors!

Volunteer to Decorate, Run Games, or Clean Up

Volunteer to Decorate/Sponsor Trick-or-Treat Doors

Questions about games or doors? Contact PTO/Lauren Miller at

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