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Grade 2 Welcomes Students From Local Preschool for a Day of Games!

As part of a unit of inquiry focusing on community, the 2nd grade team welcomed students from the nearby preschool, Maternelle de la Cité des Enseignants, for a morning of fun and games. ISD 2nd graders partnered up with Senegalese students to show them some of our favorite games, like duck-duck-goose and a sack-jump race!

This PYP unit of inquiry focuses on "how we organize ourselves" and students talk about how we connect with the people around us. This morning of activity was a meaningful way for students to expand their idea of who is in their community and share their school with local students.

Thank you to the 2nd grade team for organizing this fun activity, and to the Maternelle de la Cité des Enseignants for coming to our school!

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