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Get To Know Your Teachers: Maureen Okath-Ogola

Get to Know Your Teachers is our regular interview series where we sit down with ISD faculty to learn more about them, their interests, and how they ended up at ISD. This week's interview is with Kindergarten teacher Ms. Maureen Okath-Ogola,.

How long have you been at ISD? 

This is my first year at ISD!

Where were you before?

I was in the United States before, in Pennsylvania.  This is my first international job!  I was actually teaching Kindergarten in the school district I grew up in. 

Wow! Did you end up working with some of your old teachers?

Yeah, my favorite teacher in 2nd grade worked not in the school itself, but in the district, so that was really cool!

What do you teach at ISD?

I teach the best grade, Kindergarten.

Why is Kindergarten the best grade? 

Because you are the first teacher to give them a passion for learning, a passion for discovery, and you teach them all the fundamentals--reading, writing, math skills.  It's a very important grade that's usually underestimated.


How would you describe the students at ISD?

They are so creative!  They are really compassionate.  They are globally aware in a way that was not my experience in school growing up. ISD kids really like to talk about different countries and languages, and most of them are bilingual.  They love science, writing, and they're fun to teach because no matter what I do, they are so excited about it!

What is something that most people at ISD don't know about you? 

Well, I was born in Uganda but we moved to the US when I was 6.  We came there as political refugees.  I haven't been back since, but it's on my list!

What is your favorite place in Senegal?

I haven't explored much yet, but I've been to Popenguine three times now and I really do love it.  It's quiet and relaxing and beautiful, and really nice after a long week to relax with friends on the beach.

Favorite meal at Shady Shack? 

Hmmmm...not healthy but I always like the sugar crepes. And the fruit cups.  I get those a lot! 

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