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Get To Know Your Teachers: Hazel Ward

Hi! How long have you been at ISD? Like Karalyn, this is my second year.  

What do you teach?  I teach Middle School Physical Education (PE) and Health.  We have ideas for a new Health curriculum to go with PE time, and I'm working on developing that.  So, health and PE right now, and more to come next year!

And where were you before?  Before here, I was in Santiago, Chile, for 2 years.  I was there with the Forgerons, actually!  That's how I ended up here.

Wow! That's great. International friend teachers in an international school! So where are you from originally? North Dublin, County Meath. Actually, it's funny because the border of Dublin goes through my house, so the Postman always scribbles out Meath and writes Dublin.  It's an old rivalry. I love it. 


What is your favorite thing about teaching here?  I love building relationships with the students. I really enjoy that i get to teach every single middle school student at some point in the year.  

What about Health/PE: what's your favorite thing about teaching those subjects?  This is a tough one. I really enjoy the emphasis on mindfulness. I like giving this knowledge to students and helping them become more mindful. I think it makes a big difference in the students--well, everybody's--health and well-being. I try to make it part of our school culture.  

How would you describe ISD students, using one word? Awesome!  But if I said that to any of my Irish friends, they'd laugh because I sound so American.  This is a sign that I've been Americanized!

Is there anything cool that people at ISD might not know about you? No, I'm an open book!  Everyone knows everything there is to know about me.  

What is your favorite thing to get at Shady Shack? The garlic sauce is amazing.  Once every six weeks I'll have the crispy chicken wrap when it's just one of those days. But I ordinarily bring my lunch.

What is your favorite place in Senegal? I have so many places!  I think my favorite place is Popenguine, and it isn't even very far away.  It's just beautiful, quiet, and relaxing.  

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