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Get To Know Your Teachers: Djamila Idir

This is the third installation of our column, Get to Know Your Teachers! The column features interviews with faculty members at ISD, both returning and new. This week we're chatting with French teacher Djamila Idir.

How long have you been at ISD? I've been at ISD for quite some time. I've been here for the last 24 years!!!

Wow! Where were you before? Before joining ISD I used to teach in an International School in Rabat (Morocco). I also worked at Lycée Jean Mermoz.

What do you teach at ISD? I teach French in the Elementary division. Before that, I used to teach AP French Language and AP French Literature. I have also taught French Global Issues Network. I have also been the 9-12 Community Service coordinator.

What do you enjoy about teaching French? When you are a language teacher you teach not only words, grammar, spelling. More than all of this, you teach culture. That is so exciting to have this wonderful interaction with students who are quite passionate about this language which is spoken all over the world.

How would you describe the students at ISD? Most of them are polite and respectful, open-minded and always eager to learn about other cultures. My favorite are the little ones. They have plenty of energies. I like their inquisitiveness. All this positive energy makes me want to go and teach them, and push them harder.

What is something that a lot of people at ISD don't know about you? When I was in College in France (Lyon) I used to be a prison visitor. I regularly visited common law prisoners to whom I brought support and attention. I was for them a kind of link with the external world. Since I arrived in Senegal, I happened to help sometimes during my summer break.

Being at ISD for many years, you've had a lot of time to try all the options at Shady Shack! What is your favorite meal there? The super tasty falafel wrap. So delicious!

What is your favorite place in Senegal? The Saloum Islands.

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