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Friendly Reminder: After-School Supervision

Greetings everyone,

We are coming up on Spring Break. I hope you have some well deserved family time set up for our annual vacation.

I wanted to touch base with you regarding the use of the our grounds after school. We view our facility as a community space and love to see so many people enjoy themselves here at ISD. It is important to remember that the school does not provide general playground supervision after dismissal. Students who are on the grounds after dismissal, and are not in an after school activity, are ultimately the responsibility of their parents.

I realize that many of you send nannies and drivers to supervise your children while they enjoy the grounds after school. This is perfectly fine. It would be beneficial to all involved if you were to have a quick chat with the people you send to watch your children. Active supervision is the best prevention when it comes to injury and behavior. We prefer that your nanny or driver can always see the child in their charge. We experienced a couple of minor incidents at school over the past weeks that could have easily been prevented through active supervision.

Please make sure that your children are properly supervised after school. We love that our space is so popular with the community and hope you will all continue to use it responsibly.

Thank you so much for taking a minute to chat with your nannies and drivers.

Warm Regards,

Brad Chumrau

Acting Elementary Principal

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