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Faculty Profile: Sharon Bruns

What is your position at ISD?

I am currently a Grade 5 Homeroom teacher.

What do you like most about working in elementary?

I enjoy helping children make sense of their learning and understanding new concepts. I’ve taught Kindergarten and Second grade and currently enjoy learning with the 5th graders as they begin to make connections to how they can impact global issues.

Where were you before coming to ISD?

Before coming to ISD I lived and taught in Mali and Tanzania. I also worked as a communication and education consultant in Uganda and Jordan.

Why did you choose ISD?

Every four years my family and I move around and we knew we wanted to live in West Africa. Senegal was a golden opportunity and we had good friends that told us that ISD had provided a wonderful and caring learning environment for their children. We wanted the same experience for our children.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

My husband is also in education and works with the Senegalese government on improving reading skills in local languages at the elementary level. So we are both passionate about elementary education. Our children Joshua (17) and Chinwe (15) both in Grades 11 and 10 respectively, have practically lived overseas all their lives and taken everything in their stride. They are super adventurous, love good food and enjoy exploring different restaurants in Dakar.

What advice would you give to families moving abroad for the first time?

Do your research about the country, be very open to new experiences and be ready to find and enjoy the hidden gems in a country.

How would you describe your experience at ISD so far?

I am having a wonderful time. Currently at ISD, we implement a curriculum that is connected to the real world so students begin to see the relevance of their learning; how their actions and decisions they make impact what happens around them. The learning asks that they examine their thinking, develop new questions, continue their investigations and finally take action. It is exciting to help facilitate the process and join them on their learning journey.

Tell us something that most people at ISD don’t know about you.

While living in Jordan, I started TaeKwondo and worked my way up to the 1st Degree black belt.


What is your favorite thing to do in Dakar on the weekend?

I enjoy taking my dogs Bisous and Zanzibar (two ridgebacks) to Ebbetts field and watching them run first thing on a Sunday morning. It’s also a time to take in the wonderful ocean views and the diverse birdlife.

What is your favorite thing at Shady Shack?

At the end of the day, I do enjoy the frozen lemonades. They know I’m coming and always have one ready for me.

Thank you so much, Sharon!

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