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Extended Essay Deadline Nearing for ISD Seniors

November 8, 2017-- Since the last I wrote, the seniors have been working very hard on a number of internal due dates. The Extended Essay final copy is due to be handed in by all students on November 27th and we are pleased to report an ongoing improvement with the adherence to the internal requirements and dates.

We recommend that students meet with their Extended Essay supervisors at least once a week between now and November 27th, providing evidence of 2-3 hours work on developing and refining the paper. Although supervisors are have completed the one permitted formal written feedback on the paper, they are still able to provide oral guidance as the students finalise the work. In addition, we encourage students to speak with other faculty members who have subject expertise, they can be another professional set of eyes on the papers.

We know and understand that quality feedback provided in line with the published assessment criteria is a definitive strategy for helping our students improve their work.  Also, making a number of edits over the next three weeks within the context of this feedback loop will clearly allow for deeper development in the final paper, rather than spending one weekend or night on it just before the due date. Please support the guidelines provided by us with your continued parental support at home.

University applications continue apace and a number of Grade 12 students have already completed applications; it is a credit to Mrs Bishop in our counselling office that ISD graduates continue to find success in the world of undergraduate study and beyond.

As we work towards the end of the semester and a well-deserved winter break, it continues to be a major focus for all IB Diploma and ISD Diploma students to meet internal due dates, manage their time at home and school thoughtfully as well as balancing their lives between, work, relaxation, fitness, health and quality sleep.

Mr. Paul Lennon

IB Diploma Programme coordinator.

CAS coordinator

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