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Elementary Talent Showcase

The specialists (Physical Education, Music, and Art) have created an opportunity for you to showcase your talent. Yes...we are speaking to you!

We are looking for musicians, artists, singers, dancers, rappers, actors, comedians, magicians, etc. Please send a video of yourself doing any kind of talent or skill.


  • The video must be shot horizontally if using a phone, and sent as either a Youtube video with a link,  or shared through the google drive.

  • The video must be one minute or shorter.

  • Make sure your video has good lighting and good sound quality.

We will select the top 5 students from every grade level and put them into a YouTube montage video to share with the school by the end of May.

Deadline: Friday May 22, 2020

We look forward to seeing what talent you have! Practice makes almost perfect!

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