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Elementary School Musical Picnic

February 17, 2017--You’ll want to mark your calendar for March 17th!  Yes, that is St. Patrick’s day and it’s your lucky day because we will be hosting the ISD Elementary School Picnic and the PTO will be hosting BINGO Night!

  • The ES Picnic is a yearly tradition. We set up a stage on the field and the kids perform musical pieces and dances. The families organize a picnic for their kids and bring their blankets out on the field. We plan to enjoy an hour or so of wonderful entertainment.  Please come and enjoy the fun.  We will start promptly at 4:00 pm.

  • Bingo Night is a new ISD event and we had such success with it on our first round that parents are requesting another event.  Bingo in the cafeteria will follow the ES Picnic.  Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, you will want to be sure to wear your green.  The theme is GREEN!  You won’t want to miss out on our amazing prizes.

The 5th Annual Soirée Littéraire is scheduled for April

The Soirée Littéraire is an adults-only PTO event where ISD parents, teachers and

staff host book-themed dinners in their homes from 7-9pm. This year’s Soirée Littéraire takes place during World Cultural Month, a great opportunity to celebrate and share the traditions we grew up with or adopted from the countries where we’ve lived!  We will be sharing more details about this event soon.  However, if you think you might be interested in serving as a host please send an email to before March 17th.  Once we know who will be hosting, we will send the details so you can sign up for this great event!

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