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Elementary Online Learning Details

Greetings Students and Parents, 

Today we are offering a "soft start" to online learning. This will give you a chance to make sure that you know what the site looks like and how you will use it. In addition, I have some fun activities for you to start with.  

Please watch the short video below to see how to join our online learning classes.  The website will be totally accessible tomorrow when you will also be able to open up your assignments and activities.

A Video Message from Ms. Kelly


Ms. Chantal recently sent individual home codes to parents so that they could use Seesaw. Some parents may not have received it because their email was not yet in Seesaw. Teachers will be sharing the home learning codes to assist you in case you did not get the mail from Ms. Chantal.

Seesaw is typically used in grades Pre-K3-4. Grade 5 will mainly use Google Suite to manage their work.

Home Learning

Today and throughout our absence from school, I encourage you to engage in Home Learning activities. Remember that Home Learning is an opportunity to engage in the activities that interest you. This is a great time to:

  • take up an instrument

  • practice learning a new language

  • catch up on skills where you might be behind

  • do art

  • practice a dance routine

  • play games as a family

  • bake and cook together

  • research something that interests you

  • journal your thoughts... write a story

  • READ, you need to be reading a lot while you are at home!!!

Online Learning

Since your teachers will not be posting your assignments until tomorrow, I wanted to offer a meeting time for anyone who is interested. I will be happy to meet with you via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout. Just send me an email at and I will respond with suggested meeting times. I am in Montana and I plan to get online at 6:00 am which is noon Dakar time. Ms. D ( and Mr. Brad ( are also available to chat.

For Today

I thought you might enjoy some of these activities. Please pick and choose, these are just fun activities to get you in the groove. Your teachers will have more explicit instructions for you tomorrow. We are all looking forward to seeing you engage in the learning. Sometimes, they will send you videos, sometimes they will write you messages, and sometimes they will meet you in online meetings. I will send you a link to the online learning site tomorrow (Thursday) morning!

For Pre-K3 to Grade 2 Students

Singing Number Song for PK3& PK4

Listen to this song, join along and afterward make up your own song to count to ten!

Fun Art for kids in Grades PK3-2

Try painting these beautiful flowers, if you want, take a photo and have a parent email it to me.

Wacky Wednesday for PK3-2

Enjoy this great story.  Afterward, write a story about Thursday - maybe call it Thankful Thursday! Or Thundering Thursday! Thick Thursday! Read your story to your parents. Maybe you will want to illustrate your story and share it with your classmates tomorrow!

Read Aloud for Grades Pk3-1

Enjoy this fun story about color. The reader is so expressive; what does she do with her voice to make the characters come alive?

Nice exercise video for Grades PK3-2

It's time to move! Get your body moving! Can you stick with it for the full 8 minutes?

For Grades 3 to 5

Science Experiment for Grades 2-5

Try this at home. You'll need a balloon, baking soda, and vinegar.

Poetry for Grades 3-5

Here is a nice poetry activity; you don't have to print out the sheet, you can write the elements of poetry on your own piece of paper. Just pause and copy the words. Have fun!

Zumba for Everyone

You are going to love this music!!!

Arnie the Donut

So funny - you will love this story.

For the Parents

We realize that it will be challenging for you to support your children with online learning. All we ask is that you do your best.  We realize that some of you are in transition, some of you have one device per household, some of you have to work during the day. We want to assure you that we intend to practice patience and flexibility. We realize that this is all new to you. You might have trouble downloading apps or accessing resources; don't worry, we will help you. It might take a while for us to be fully engaged in the process. Let us know how we can help. The counseling and technology support pages on our ISD ES Learning Site are already active.  Please have a look! Have a great first day of online learning. The teachers are gearing up for tomorrow! We miss you and love you all!


Ms. Kelly Chumrau

Elementary Principal

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