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Elementary News: View the PYPx

Every year our 5th grade students culminate their elementary experience with "The Exhibition" or as we like to call it "The PYP Expedition." Students collaboratively choose an issue of relevance that speaks to their passion. In their work groups they wander, wonder, investigate, correlate, conclude and create. Throughout the process the students plan and take action on their findings. The culmination of the Exhibition is a two-day community celebration. The students share their process, journey and agency with the greater community. This year was quite special as we had several mitigating factors impact our school. The Covid-19 Pandemic challenged us all to be flexible and find different "work arounds" to the usual inquiry processes. The teachers and students were courageous, innovative and committed through their ten weeks of inquiry. Please click on the link below to view the learning journeys our fifth grade took in 2021.

PYP Exhibition 2021

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