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Elementary News: Supervision on the ISD Playground

The question of after school supervision often comes up around this time of year. While your children are in our care we do our very best to make sure they are safe.

Once the students have been handed off to the nannies and or parents, the children are no longer under our supervision. Once the students are handed off to the After School Activity (ASA) leaders the children are in their care. When ASAs are finished at 4:15pm, the After School Activity Leader will deliver the children to the nannies and or parents. By 4:15pm the children on the playground should be supervised by a nanny, driver, or parent.

Latitia is the adult on the playground from 4 - 6pm. She wears an orange vest so that children and adults can find her in case of emergency. She is not there to supervise your children; she is there to make sure children are being supervised and are playing safe. If she finds children that are not being supervised, she will take them to the office where they will remain until they are picked up. If she finds that children are not playing safe, she may redirect the children and encourage them to play safely but if they choose not to follow her advice, she will send them home.

I encourage you and your children to have a discussion about safety on the playground. Make sure you know who is supervising your children.

Thank you.

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