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Elementary News: Student Dismissal

Dear ISD Community,

What a wonderful, windy month we are experiencing!

I need to request your support regarding the safety of all of our students during the after school block of time.

Once the bell rings, the students stay with the teacher until the teacher acknowledges the child's parent or guardian. After that, the child is 100% under the supervision of the caregiver. In the case that a student is not met by a caregiver, the student is taken to the administrative office. We understand that on occasion, some parents run a bit late and it is nice to have a space for the students to wait. However, the administrative office does become very crowded at times and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Marieme, our receptionist, to manage the students and perform her duties.

Please make sure that you pick up your child in a timely manner. After School Activities finish at 4:15 so you or your driver should be on campus by 4:20 at the latest.

Thank you in advance for your vigilance.


Kelly Chumrau

ISD ES Principal

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