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Elementary News: Soiree Litteraire

Do you love to read? Do you enjoy talking to others about the books you’ve read? Why not host a book club at your house?

Here is the perfect opportunity to meet fun people from our community! Ms. Kelly is organizing the Soiree Litteraire for March 29th.

  • This is a fun evening where ISD parents get together with other ISD parents to discuss a book they have all read.

  • Where does this happen? In your homes. Ms. Kelly still needs eight more hosts. If you would like to host a Soiree at your home, you will be given some CFA to help pay for the food you provide.

  • Some people choose to offer hors devours and others plan on a full meal. It’s up to you.

  • Ms. Kelly will arrange it so that you are able to host a number of people that is reasonable for you. If you tell her that you can manage 6 people at a Soiree, she will arrange for 6 people to read the book ahead of time and arrive at your house on March 29th for a wonderful evening of book talk and food.

  • The PTO will provide the host with $5000 CFA per guest to help cover the costs. Keep in mind, this is a fund-raising event for PTO so the guests will have to purchase tickets ahead of time to attend your Soiree!

If you are interested in hosting, please contact Ms. Kelly as soon as possible.

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