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Elementary News: Recruiting Great Teachers

This week I am with Dr. Knobloch and Lorne Bird recruiting new teachers at recruitment fair in Bangkok. I enjoy recruiting because I get to meet such interesting people from all around the globe. As Dr. Knobloch says, “Recruiting is one of the most important things we do in leadership.” I couldn’t agree more; It is essential that we bring in high quality teachers to work with your children. When we hire strong teachers we know that we are doing right by our students. They deserve the best. This year, we are committed to hiring teachers who have experience in PYP or Inquiry. The teachers we hire must be dynamic, engaging, and fun. Our new hires must make student learning a priority.

There are lots of people interested in coming to ISD and we’ll do our best to make sure the people we bring here are a good fit for our school. Know that your children are on my mind as we make our decisions. You won’t see much of me in January as I will be heading to Boston for another recruitment fair at the end of the month. Please know that you can always count on Ms. Jody or Mr. Brad should you have any questions or concerns during my absence. I am also available via email.

Happy New Year!

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