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Elementary News: PYP Mini-Exhibition and Celebration of the Arts

It's been a great year!  We are so proud of our students.  We are especially proud of our 5th graders who hosted their first mini-exhibition on May 31st.  The students truly exemplified the learner profile traits as they were inquirers delving into concepts of interest.  The students learned a great deal about their individual subject matter and they also learned about themselves.  Through the process, they  tackled challenging subject matter, worked as team players, and guided a community to understand their central ideas.  Of course, we had our challenges but in the end, the exhibition was not only an informative event but it was a great opportunity to see the students sharing their passions in creative and courageous ways!  Way to go 5th graders, 5th grade teachers, teaching assistants, and mentors!

Congratulations to all of our students and teachers for the magnificent celebrations of art and music!  We were inspired and moved by your performances!  The Art on display beautiful and thought provoking.  A special shout out to Ms. Nancy, Ms. Joy, Ms. Antja, and Ms. Nyah for making it all so magical!

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