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Elementary News: Our Community

This past Saturday, as the sun was setting and five hundred children were scooting around our campus clad in costumes from Waldo to stormtroopers, I was overcome by a profound sense of belonging. I gazed out over the scene and felt deep gratitude toward the mass of people we call our community. This connection extends beyond the geographic happenstance of our convergence. It is derived from the connection, responsibility and common purpose we all share.

“Community” is what unites us and propels us toward excellence. Whether we are from the Congo, the US, Pakistan, or South Korea, we all require connection to fuel the journey toward our aspirations. Without each other, what is the point of success? Taking local action that will someday have global implications provides us with purpose, direction and magnitude. A vector if you will toward the international mindedness of our dreams.

Our learning community is quite special. Saturday evening I took some time to reflect on all of the entities in our school that found and nurture such an inextricable sense of belonging. The list was impressive: from our PTO events, to our Learner Profile assemblies, from the “Date Nights” to our after school activities, from our PYP program to our student council, and of course all of the amazing day to day experiences that happen in the classroom. There are so many ways that we all come together.

We are now on the verge of extending our community. Our service learning program is evolving and expanding to get our students beyond the walls of ISD so that we can affect positive relationships with our host city and country. I am so very grateful to be a part of our school. We are experiencing a remarkable time of progressive change and growth. Even as events unfold around the world that could darken our perspectives, we strive together, to generate an oasis of inclusion. Thank to all of you for your efforts, your time and your dedication to the prospect that we will leave this community better than when we found it.

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