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Elementary News: Mother Tongue Program

Did you know that ISD has an after school Mother Tongue Program?

The Mother Tongue Program was launched in January 2020 in the elementary school (Grades 1-5). We are delighted to be able to support 5 different languages already thanks to a committed team of first language teachers. We currently offer German, Spanish, Italian, Wolof and Hindi after school on Fridays from 3:30-4:15 pm. If your elementary aged child would like to join one of our current classes or if you are interested in a first language class that is not currently listed, please contact the Mother Tongue Coordinator, Lisa Boulestreau, at

Who is the program for?

As the title suggests, it is for elementary students whose first language is German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi or Wolof (native speakers) and who would like to maintain and acquire more academic skills in these first languages.

How does it work?

For our Mother Tongue Program, we see ourselves as facilitators by providing classroom space and resources and finding qualified teachers to deliver instruction in the languages desired. It is understood that teachers are compensated by the parents of the students involved. We can ensure the cost of 63,000 CFA per trimester (7 classes) by having 3 or more students enrolled in a class. In the event of low enrollment, we will contact you directly to offer a different payment plan. Please note that the cost per trimester should be paid in full and there will be no refunds in the case of foreseen or unforeseen absences.

Why have such a program?

Multilingualism is an integral part of the IB philosophy. The International School of Dakar values multilingualism and recognizes the importance of maintaining the mother tongue in order to promote positive cultural identity and appreciation of one’s first language, enhance cognitive development and self esteem as well as academic growth. Research shows that developing a child’s mother tongue literacy will strengthen proficiency in additional languages such as English. We are excited to have this program available to ISD elementary students at this time.

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