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Elementary News: MAP Testing Next Week

Next week, our 3rd to 5th grade students will take the Measured Annual Progress (MAP) Assessment. This is a computer adaptive test; the questions are adapted to suit the child’s abilities. When a student encounters a question that is too difficult, the level of problems become easier and when a student encounters a question that is too easy, the level of problems become more difficult. This way, we can get a good look at what the student knows and can do. We take the MAP assessment three times per year. Once at the start, once midyear, and once at the end of the year.

The MAP does not determine grade placement. We do not use MAP to grade our students. It is one of many ways we measure your child’s growth.

We do use MAP to learn about where your child is with regards to a wide range of math and reading standards. The MAP data helps us understand your child as a learner. It also allows us to provide appropriate levels of instruction, intervention, or extension.

Your child’s MAP scores will be made available to you by the end of October. Below is a link you can use to better understand MAP. Should you have any questions whatsoever, I encourage you to visit with your child’s teacher.

Parent guide to MAP complete with videos

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