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Elementary News: MAP Assessment

A big thank you goes out to all of the parents, teachers, and students for the productive conferences that took place last week. The 2nd through 5th-grade teachers really appreciated having time with parents and students to discuss progress and share growth. The students told me that they were proud to show their parents what they were learning and parents expressed that they learned a lot about their children’s’ next steps for learning. People I spoke to offered positive feedback but please know, I welcome all feedback regarding the process for conferencing. There is always room for improvement.

Next week, you will be receiving MAP assessment data. MAP assessments determine your child’s instructional level in the areas of math, reading, and language. MAP measures academic growth throughout the school year, as well as from year to year.  The MAP is created by the Northwest Evaluation Association. You can learn more at

Just a reminder that MAP is unique in that it is an adaptive assessment your child takes on a Chromebook. This means that the assessment becomes more difficult the more questions your child answers correctly. When your child incorrectly answers a question, the test becomes easier. Therefore, the assessment specifically adapts to individual learning levels.  

We had originally planned to take the assessment again in January but after thoughtful deliberation we decided to move it to March, allowing for more time for growth. The MAP Assessment is a very useful tool to report on student growth but please keep in mind that there are many ways to learn about and report on student growth. We utilize conferencing, portfolios, Seesaw, Google Sites, and other classroom-based assessments from Exhibitions and Culminating Projects to daily screeners. Best practices encourage educators to use a varied approach to data collection. Analyzing student growth is more effective when we rely on varied sources of information. You can count on us to measure your students and share their growth in a variety of formats.

Should you have any questions regarding the MAP Assessment, please contact Ms. Kelly.

Helpful Links for Parents

MAP Information for Parents

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