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Elementary News: ISD Hustle and Bustle

There never seems to be a shortage of events at ISD. Walk on campus any day of the week and you will find yourself absorbed into the busy hustle and bustle of students, faculty, and staff. We are all hard at work and despite the rigorous activities, we seem to be enjoying ourselves.

In the past week the elementary school had several grade levels culminating units of inquiry so we saw second grade students presenting on the idea of interdependence. First graders hosted marvelous poetry readings for parents and friends.

Our third graders just started finding their way into the rainforest while our fourth graders are beginning to discover the impact geography has on culture. The fifth graders are going big and studying how scientific principles help us to better understand the universe. Our youngest students have been studying some great visual artists like Kandinsky and displayed their work for all to enjoy.

Ms. Hall is reminding us all how to regulate our emotions and Mr. Bowler is keeping us fit! We’re learning new languages and singing beautiful songs. We write, we paint and we read incredible literature. We build robots, we dance, and we have fun.

I am so proud of our teachers, our leaders, and our entire community for embracing the Primary Years Program. Each and every day I see students exemplifying the IB Learner Profile Traits. Our students really are open-minded, knowledgeable, caring, responsible, courageous, thinkers. They practice being principled inquirers and communicators. They are caring, well balanced and reflective. ISD is a good place to be!

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