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Elementary News: ISD Garden Project

Environmental Art and Garden ASA: 1st Trimester Garden Project Activities and Learning

Students planted radish seeds and tended to the garden with composting, mulching and watering. We learned about the cycle of the moon and how we can plant our seeds in time with the waning and waxing of the moon’s gravitational pull to support the seeds growth. 

We closely observed flowers and plants and the intricate important details that make them unique. From these observations we painted miniature drawings and looked at paintings of “Persian Miniatures” for ideas and examples. Many students included the moon in a stage of its cycle.

One of our 3rd Grade classes celebrated their dedicated work of being responsible for the daily pick up of our lunch compost for the entire 1st trimester with a taste of local, in season watermelon! Watermelon is known to be native to the continent of Africa, and is known to be first discovered in the Kalahari Desert.

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