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Elementary News: Home Learning Ideas for Parents by Parents

Thanks to the 60+ parents for attending our first meeting on PYP & Home Learning. It was a great turn out and we certainly appreciate the positive feedback and good energy. Parents, your contributions and questions are important to us so we tried to capture them here.

Here is a list of ideas about how and what you can do to support Home Learning for your children.


Listen to your child and do not project your ideas of home learning on them… they must know and we as parents must listen.

Ideas: Art - do a painting project, write a story or a comic book, research something that your child is interested in, play Dungeons and Dragons, pay board games as a family.


Instead of school work, do something fun and practical together!

Ideas: Create a shopping or grocery list together, make a meal together and eat it together. Let the kids do the measuring, the peeling, pouring, and mixing!

3. GET CREATIVELook for educational resources that push creativity.

Ideas: Plant something and observe its growth and changes, find and try a new recipe, go shopping for ingredients, try a new sport, get a new pet...research animals, costs, life needs, etc...


There is no one way to do Home Learning! You can bring your child along shopping so they can understand the mathematics.

Try storytelling, cooking, make slime, watch Ted Eds (Ted Talks for kids), play board games, take a walk and talk, cook and read and eat together, plan a vacation, write a diary/journal, meditate (use meditation videos), do home gymnastics, make up a dance routine, make music together, garden and grow veggies, swim together, play a board game, plan a weekend or a holiday as a family, go skating, read a book together, paint, go swimming, do yoga, visit ISD!

“Education is great equalizer. It is the new currency of this world.” - ISD Parent

“Education is something which makes a person believe in himself and gives him the confidence to conquer his desires and attain his goals in life.” - ISD Parent

This wordle is a collection of words you all used as you described your beliefs about education.

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